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  • Coffee
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    We offer three of the most popular roasts of coffee, light, dark, and...

  • Virtual Product
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  • Candle
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    Our flagship candle is offered in 3 sizes and two scents to accommodate...

  • Mug
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    Do you love coffee mugs? If so, you will love this one.

  • Tea
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    Tea time? Any time is tea time with one of our 5 teas.

  • Soap
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    Our soaps come in body wash, shampoo, and conditioner.

  • Tin Cup
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    The stylish thirty bees logo tin cup, perfect for tea.

  • Picture Frame
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    Our stylish, modern, minimal picture frame in 3 colors.

  • Honey
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    Our honey set comes with three different grades of honey, one for every...

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